You Can Now Enjoy This Summer’s ByGanz Extraordinaire Parties 24/7



ByGanz Extraordinaire are are at it again, making sure they have control all over our summer life (we wouldn’t have it any other way). Because parties are just not enough, they’ve decided to give birth to a podcast of their own. Why, you might ask? The party giants thought it was about time not just for someone to spread good music, but to spread good music that is FREE. Yes, every set they’ll release from now on will be downloadable.


You might be wondering, who will be taking over ByGanz’s podcast for their first round? Well, it’s none other than Sebzz! The deckslayer himself has lit up the Cairo nightlife with his vast lexicon of music for every mood, specialising in House and Techno. And thanks to ByGanz’ new podcast, his flair, modesty, and free spirit can be appreciated in the best way possible.




WE SAID THIS: Thank you ByGanz for making our summer once again much better.