Jummah Prayer’s Khutbah to Be Unified in All Egyptian Mosques


Egypt has ordered all Muslim clerics to deliver identical pre-written sermons in Jummah prayers, Reuters reported after the Ministry of Awqaf, led by Minister Mokhtar Gomaa, met Tuesday. For the past two years, imams have been given topics by the Ministry of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) for their khutbah’s content.


However, this year all mosques are required to unify their khutbah, and, according to the Ministry’s First Undersecretary for Qalyubiya province, Sabry Dowaidar, no one seemed to disagree during the meeting. Dowaidar added that Minister Gomaa will start with a pre-written khuttbah next Friday.


Immediately after the news surfaced, Twitter’s reaction was not so favorable to the change:


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