Bored of Lockdown? Here Are 5 Fun Things To Do At Home

Nobody likes lockdowns, that’s for sure, but the good news is that you can use that time in a fun way. As Einstein once said, time flows a lot faster when you’re around a pretty girl than when you’re going to the dentist, for example. Doing things that we like will create for us the illusion that time goes on faster. Technology is our best friend nowadays, which means that we should definitely take advantage of it as much as we can. Technology is the way of communicating with the Universe in a better way, and it also gives us that unmistakable feeling of power.

Learn to code

Despite what you may believe, writing code via programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, or C++ doesn’t necessarily require being a genius or a NASA engineer. Anybody can learn to code as long as he or she invests a lot of time and effort, and the pleasure of building an entire app or game from practically nothing is priceless. It takes several months to master coding and start building an app, which should be enough for a lockdown. There are tons of sources on the internet for learning to code for free. You can try,,, and many more. If you already have some decent coding skills, go ahead and start building something unique like a game where you have to overcome a pandemic. 

Get yourself a remote job

Making money online is pretty common nowadays, but you must remember that nobody will pay you decent amounts of cash if you don’t know how to do anything useful and productive. All those websites claiming to pay you only for watching videos or clicking on ads are either scams or unreliable sources to make money. Yes, you could make a buck or two, but you’ll never be able to live only with such incomes. Therefore, search for remote jobs in fields like video editing, programming, call centre, and so on. In many cases, you’ll even get the chance of having the interview online, meaning that you’ll save some extra time and money.

Learn a new language

Despite what you may believe, the world doesn’t end with the English language. There are about 7,000 languages across our planet, so don’t you worry that you won’t have enough options to choose from. The internet is loaded with language courses as well, and you can even learn many important things about a language from the good old YouTube. Optionally, you can always meet a stranger online and talk to him in the language you’re trying to learn. 

Prank call your friends

We don’t encourage lying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun and see how your friends will react if someone ‘offers them a prize’, for instance. Go ahead and tell them that they’ve won a fast car, or tell them that they have free invitations to a concert scheduled after the lockdown. Since they are your friends, they should forgive you for your little scheme if you just say you’re sorry after the prank call.

Multiplayer gaming

Since you can’t physically meet your friends, why not do it virtually and also have some fun at the same time? Therefore, you should try playing some Two Player Games together, such as Call of Duty, GTA 5, FIFA 21, etc. You can even talk to your friends through video call as you play against them, which makes the gameplay even more exciting. During some games, you can even make entire teams aand fight for a common goal with everything you got. If you are not feeling to play with friends, you can opt to play io games in which you compete against other players around the world.

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