Birthday Party Tricks to Make Your Life Easier and Your Kids Happier

Children at a birthday party

Moms always stress about their children’s birthdays. Do I go big this year? Should we celebrate at home? Will the other moms judge me for not throwing a huge birthday party? Do I have to invite the whole class? Can we just blow out the candles at dinner?

As sad as this may be, in all honesty, moms will judge you either way.

“Ya haram she didn’t throw her son a proper birthday party.” Or, “What the hell was she thinking? This is bigger than my wedding!” “Why didn’t she invite the whole class?”

You can’t please them all, so the best advice I can give you is to do whatever works for you. When you decide to throw your little a birthday party you should focus on two things: what makes him happy and to make sure your guests are happy.

If your kid is all about princesses and manicures, do that. If your kid would rather go to the movies with a few friends, then good for you, do that!

There is no need, I repeat, no need to throw a lavish event and hand out iPods to your guests. It is not cool.

Handing out yo-yos on the other hand, ultimate coolness. Personalized gift bags? Well my friend, if you do that you will always and forever be my favorite. All the kids really need are bubbles and crayons, so you can leave the Swarovski crystals for another time.

my-super-sweet-sixteen-04Don’t let the other mamas out there pressure you into doing something your child won’t enjoy. Breaking your back or your budget, for that matter, won’t make your kids any less dysfunctional than they already are.

A few episodes of My Super Sweet 16 should help dispel any thoughts on that matter. Shanice now has a Lamborghini, unfortunately though, she has no manners.

Once you’ve decided just how big or small you’re going to do it, then the details begin creeping in. Where? What do I serve them? What kind of activities should I offer? Who do I invite?

Well when it comes to where, we are super blessed with our amazing weather. You can have a pool party with ease. Hire a few teenagers to supervise the kids in the water. Or drag some of your cousins to come and do it for free. Ask parents to keep an eye out and you’ll be at ease.

Still squirmy about pool parties and littles? Then all you need is a grassy field and water balloons!

Kids aren’t big on having huge meals at a party. Sometimes all they want are some yummy snacks and cake. A great idea is to have a few dishes here and there with some healthy snacks. Bake Rolz are a huge favorite with my kids. I like to serve those with a minty yogurt dip and the kids go crazy.

I’m not a fan of doing the dishes or using disposable plates, so I try to serve food that requires as little as possible. Veggies sliced on a platter drizzled with lemon are excellent. The thing with kids that we don’t realize is that if we only offer healthy food, they’ll eat it happily! We just can’t put an apple next to an ice cream sundae and tell them to restrain themselves.

Another yummy idea that kids love are Bake Stix and dip. All you need is some plastic cups, yogurt and Bake Stix. Put a spoon or two of your dip in the cup and place the Bake Stix inside and it’s like a mini cocktail dish for the littles. They can walk around and munch on those until cake time. Its chic, healthy and yummy.

You just gotta remember: This is a celebration. You will be tired, but you shouldn’t be miserable. Mamas set the mood for their kids’ parties. Really. Try to think of all the birthday parties you’ve been to, now remember the mamas. See what I mean?


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