Bike-Sharing Has Finally Arrived in Egypt and Fayum University is the First to Introduce a Program Just for Girls!

By: Toka Omar

Fayum University is the first local university in Egypt to implement a bike-sharing program across campus. The first stage of the project was launched a few days ago, and it includes 8 docking stations, 5 on-campus and 3 in the girls’ dorms. The university started with the girls’ dorms to encourage the culture of biking among all Egyptians despite the social norms and taboos. The conservative Egyptian community doesn’t usually allow girls to bike in public places, and with this initiative, they aren’t only targeting environmental and economic goals, they are also contributing to an inclusive community.

The students don’t have to worry about the safety and maintenance of the bikes, where to find them, or how to pay for them. The program is run electronically through a mobile application where they can find the bike docking stations and pay their nominal rental fees. The bikes will be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, making it that much easier for the girls.

Zewail University, which is a non-profit academic institution, has also implemented an on-campus bike-sharing program recently, and the idea is becoming more popular in the Egyptian community.

Bike-sharing programs are nonmotorized transportation services where you get your bike from a docking station and drop it off at any other station within the area it covers. These programs are widely used around the world because of their multiple benefits. For example, they are low priced convenient services that allow you to exercise on your daily commute while helping in reducing carbon emissions.

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