Elon Musk Might be Number 8, But Hassan Shakoosh is Number 2 on the Same List!

Elon Musk is many things! One of the richest people in the world, founder of SpaceX, Engineer, Technology Entrepreneur, among many more titles. However, he recently shook the internet when he also added Music Producer to the list.

He released an EDM song called ‘Don’t Doubt Your Vibe’, and he was so happy that it became number 8 on the hottest songs list on SoundCloud.

He tweeted about the milestone, and even said that he’s definitely adding the achievement to his LinkedIn profile!

However, although the billionaire was happy with his achievement, Egyptians were celebrating something else in his tweet! They were celebrating the fact that the 2nd and 7th go to leading sha’bi singers Hassan Shakosh, Omar Kamal, and Hamo Bika.

The viral ‘mahragan’, ‘Bint El Giran’, secured the second place with 4.4 million listens this week and 44.6 million overall. In a similar manner, Shams el Magarrah garnered 2.1 million this week, and 9.6 million overall listens, making it secure the seventh spot, beating Elon Musk’s track.

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