Beyond The Screen: Books Written By Egyptian Celebrities

From prose to poetry, the Arab region has always been rich when it comes to its literary heritage, but one category that has been lagging behind is books authored by Arab celebrities. There aren’t that many star-studded publications, and most of the books we have are written on behalf of them by other authors. But there are some hidden gems out there, so, we decided to put together a list of celeb-authored books.

Kariokka’s Diaries

Via Masrawy.

Written by the late Author Saleh Morsy and collected by Journalist Mohammed Tawfik, the two-parter is based on Taheyya Kariokka’s eventful life, from her humble beginnings in Ismailia to her rise as the region’s most-influential belly dancer.

Mohammed Khan: Letters to Said Al Shimi

The trilogy published by the great cinematographer Said Al Shimi chronicles his friendship with the late filmmaker Mohammed Khan. The letters, written between 1959 and 1977, were sent by Khan, who were in London at the time, to his dear friend in Cairo. Al Shimi sees this as a way of keeping his friend alive.

My Memories – Hend Rostom

Via Al-Wattan.

‘My Memories’ is a biography about the life of Hend Rostom written by Journalist Ayman Al Hakim based on conversations he had with the late actress as well as her only daughter Bassant Reda.

The Magical Reality of Nadia

Inspired by Nadia Bassem Youssef’s real-life experiences, ‘The Magical Reality of Nadia’ is a heartwarming book that follows the adventures of a sixth grade Egyptian immigrant as she experiences change, friendships, bigotry, and magic.

El Kebreyea’ El Seeny

Via Jumia

Khairy Beshara, an acclaimed filmmaker’s first published novel ‘El Kebreyea’ El Seeny’ is a comical investigation of Chinese customs and the similarities identified in Egypt. The storyline charts the journey of Kong Yung, who departs from China during the 1930s to evade destitution and starvation, and ultimately arrives at an Egyptian town.

A Kiosk Guy

Director Amr Salama’s ‘A Kiosk Guy’ Follows a teenager on a voyage to find the handlebars, in search for  a missing puzzle to win a prize. This publication has achieved bestseller status at Al-Shorouk and has been published in four versions within the initial sixty days of its debut.

Let us know your next read by a celebrity and if missed something.

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