Beyonce Slays The Super Bowl


Beyonce can’t keep her name out of the news these days. First it was for lip synching at President Obama’s inauguration, so the whole world tuned into last night’s Super Bowl performance in New Orleans to see if the diva could reclaim her long standing name as one of the reigning divas of the pop world.

Watch the video and see for yourselves and if your jaw doesn’t drop then try and remember this woman just popped a child out a year ago, not only that is singing LIVE! Yup, you read that right.

Not only that, but there was a cameo from the rest of Destiny’s Child, so you know these woman are on track for a full comeback.

Now that your obsessed with her again, Beyonce is going on tour again. Mrs. Carter will be hitting up a city near you, so if you want tickets get on it fast.

Details here.