Beat The Summer Heat With These Fun North Coast Activities

For many, in the summer, the North Coast is seen as the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of cities like Cairo and Alexandria, a place where you can take a relaxing break by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean sea. Beyond the vacation factor, many will be flocking to Sahel to escape the scorching heat of Egypt’s main cities. To beat the heat this summer, here are a collection of activities that go beyond swimming to help you cool off.

Catch A Film In The Cinema

Picture this, you are lounging on a comfy reclining chair, feeling refreshed by the cool AC as you enjoy the latest blockbuster or Eid film on the massive cinema screen. For many, going to the cinema in Sahel can be an overlooked concept but with the intense hot temperatures of the summer, it can make for an entertaining way to cool off. With Eid in full swing, there are many exciting films you can catch including “Beit El Ruby”, a film starring legendary actors Karim Abdel Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz sharing the screen. For the ultimate cinematic experience, head to O Cinema at Al Masa Mall in New Alamein City.

Splash Your Way Through A Water Park

If you are bored of the daily routine of spending the day at the beach with your family and friends, a fun alternative that will keep you refreshed for many hours is to instead spend a day at a water park. The North Coast is home to many water parks including Akoya Water Park located in front of Lotus Resort. It’s a massive park home to seven different water slides that include the wide slide, aqua tube and rafting slide as well as a wave pool and kids area. Another great option is Marseilia Aqua Park and Marassi Water World which is home to 12 slides.

Pamper Yourself At A Luxurious Spa

Ever thought of getting pampered and refreshed at a spa during your vacation in Sahel? Well, you can do just that by hitting up the luxurious spa of Al Alamein Hotel Spa. This is the ultimate place to unwind within a cooled off indoor setting as the spa offers therapeutic treatments by Balinese therapists including massages, facials and body treatments. You can try everything from their heated stone treatment to their Indian head massage. To book a spot, be sure to give the spa a call using this number: +20464681600.

Have A Water Balloon Fight At The Beach

It’s time to tap into your inner child with a classic water balloon fight except instead of having it by the pool, you can take the fight to the beach. To up the cooling factor as much as possible, take an icebox filled with bottled tap water and ice to the beach. Once there, fill up your balloons with the ice water and get ready for the ultimate rush of adrenaline. You can make the experience even more fun by turning it into a competitive game, sort of like dodge-ball with two teams. The team who hits the most opponents with water balloons wins the game.

Get Some Ice Cream From Sahel’s Top Spots

Nothing screams summer more than indulging in delicious ice cream and luckily with the North coast, there are multiple spots to enjoy the classic treat. You can go for the crowd favorite, Dara’s ice cream at Diplo and even go all out by topping your ice cream flavor with your choice of either their signature caramel or chocolate sauce. To try out ice cream made with a twist, you can also hit up Dolato at Marassi where you’ll get to enjoy mini popsicles with flavors like pistachio, cheesecake and espresso.

Take A Night Stroll Across The Beach

Once the sun sets, a lot of us just like to go home and chill in the cool AC. If instead, you still want to soak up the great outdoors, a great activity that can help cool you off is a leisurely night stroll across the beach. At that time, there is going to be that cool breeze to keep you refreshed as well as the calm sound of the lapping waves. If you are alone, you can listen to relaxing beach tunes or a podcast but if you are with friends or family, you’ll get to enjoy a fun conversation and a good laugh.

With this collection of activities, you’ll get to experience Sahel in a fresh and new way that goes beyond a mere dip in the open sea or the refreshing pool. This list also showcases the potential of the North Coast as a vacation spot during Eid and the summer break.

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