Authentic Symbol Of Saudi Culture: Saudi Coffee To Be Showcased With 3 Pavilions At Agora Festival

According to MENAFN, The Culinary Arts Commission declared its attendance at the Agora Festival, which will take place in Paris between September. 1st and 4th. The participation will take the form of setting up three pavilions to honor Saudi coffee, which is recognized as a distinctive cultural commodity for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to draw attention to the vast cultural diversity in Saudi cuisine and promote it abroad. This is a part of the program that the Ministry of Culture established for the 2022 Year of Saudi Coffee initiative. Additionally, Arab News stated that Saudi coffee experts will be present in the French capital to prepare coffee in the traditional manner and explain the entire process.

Moreover, Saudi Gazette added that there will also be preparations for a separate space for traditional handicrafts that will enable Saudi artisans to highlight their original works of art and inscriptions about Saudi coffee and its variations in many areas, such as the coffee pot and cups.

2022 Year of Saudi Coffee Initiative

The Saudi Ministry of Culture’s initiative The Year of Saudi Coffee 2022 is more than just a beverage that people enjoy drinking on special occasions or that Saudis prefer to drink at different times; it is an authentic symbol of Saudi culture and hospitality and one of the most significant aspects of Saudi heritage that is linked to Saudi identity. Therefore, Saudi coffee is still one of the components of the depth of civilization, the Kingdom can launch through to future horizons.

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Agora Expo’s Aim?

Agora Expo’s President and Founder, Anne-Laure Descombin, had a specific vision when she founded this event. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to keep a distance from the people we love, the entire world had to suffer. Descombin asserted that the kitchen has resumed its position as the heart of our homes since feeding others has evolved into the daily activity that it is now.

That’s why Descombin established the International Gastronomy Village, also known as Agora Expo as cooking seemed to me to be a manner of learning about and exchanging cultures through gestures, flavors, scents, and visuals. It also enables us to meet people with curiosity, find old recipes, reconnect with our roots, and teach our children about the diversity of their culinary heritage.

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