AUC Strikes Again


Last week, we thought this whole student movement dilemma came to an end at AUC as classes resumed and life on campus as we know it was back to normal. I guess we were all mistaken!

Plans were in the works, students were meeting, scenarios were being put in to measure and a petition that reached more than 3,000 signatures by the student population was circulating in favor of closing the gates!

Were they successful? YES! Not a single soul was permitted passage through any of the gates this morning.

A message was sent a couple days ago to all students apologizing for acting, and closing the gates last week without the support of at least half the students of the university. A petition then began circulating through on ground (campus) and online portals in attempt to gain the maximum support possible. This, in the strikers’ opinion, makes their action legitimate.

On another note, AUC’s President Lisa Anderson email got hacked as a message was sent to the whole AUC community that said “hahaha” with the subject title being : “Strike” 

How crazy is this?! Not that crazy, there’s more!

In response, yesterday President Anderson sent an email to explain that her server was hacked; investigations are taking place to find out who’s behind this scandal, the students suspended last week are still being judged for their behavior but a final decision is yet to be taken and that the activity on campus will resume normally as no gates will be closed.

There were also rumors that the National Central Security was said to appear in attempt to prevent the students from going on with their plan to close the gates with the sole intentions of “securing” the university. Related is a claim that one of the suspended students received a threatening phone call also from the National Security to arrest him if he proceeded in the student movement’s actions, the SU president was also threatened as well by withdrawing his scholarship and closing down the Student Union… hmm I’m sorry what?!?

Surprise, surprise! Gates were closed!

And here was Lisa Anderson’s response:

Students made sure to close each and every gate starting 7AM this morning in a very organized fashion as they distributed themselves amongst the gates. It has also been said that there have been violent clashes between Osama Nosseir, Petroleum Engineering student who was struck in the face with a metal chain by a security guard! However, students seem to be very confident and unified towards the cause.

“We’re taking an action because no one is responding to our demands, be the law or break the law.” said Mahmoud El Shamy A.K.A Charley, Mass Communication student. Also Ali Hossam, Senior Accounting student commented by saying; “Today, we made history.”

Anthropology Professor Reem Saad had a different opinion though; “This set us back in terms of student movement, last year the movement reached maturity but this particular move now could create enemies for the idea of protest itself.” Political Science Professor Rabab El-Mahdi who was always with the student movement and student rights was extremely “sad and disappointed.”

WE SAID THIS: AUC is now under the control of the Student Movement. What’s going to happen next and where is AUC going? What’s the fate of the strikers and would their dream ever come true? This remains unknown for now but all the updates will be here on Scoop.