Arabwood: Which Stars Would Make the Cut for the Squid Game Cast?

The Squid Game fever continues to catch on and take the world by storm, with everyone binge-watching it. Even the Korean Culture Center (KCC) in the UAE have organized a milder real-life version of the Squid Game! With the show rising up as the #1 show on Netflix Egypt at the moment, people simply cannot get enough of it, which poses the would it look if we had an Egyptian cast for The Squid Game? No doubt the games would be different with Sayaden El Samak (basically dodgeball), Salaah, Stoghomeya (Hide & Seek) or Kahraba just to name a few. But who would play what? Well, as we were left to imagine it, this is the best cast we can come up with for an Egyptianized Squid Game!

Seong Gi-Hun: Ahmed Helmy

Ahmed Helmy can definitely pull off the kind, goofy and righteous character who’s also capable of seeking revenge.

Cho Sang-Woo: Mohamed Farrag

Farrag absolutely can pass as a sneaky, intelligent guy, but also someone who would make sacrifices.

Oh Il-nam: Sayed Ragab

Oh Il-nam…the character that had us all confused, and turned out to be pulling all the strings from behind the scenes whilst being in the scenes. And Sayed Ragab is perfect for just that, shifting from the sweet, kindhearted character into a ruthless gangster.

Sae-Byeok: Jamila Awad

We’ve seen Jamila pass as an addict or as a rebellious teenager, so what’s to stop her from playing a mysterious yet tough as nails girl determined to reach her goal?

Abdul Ali: Islam Ibrahim

Ali breaks our hearts. He’s a strong character with his heart on his sleeves, and watching Islam Ibrahim act gives off the same vibes.

Jang Deok-su: Amr Abdel Gelil

People definitely enjoyed Deok-Su’s demise, and if you need someone that plays a character you hate, look no further than Amr Abdel Gelil as a tough mafia leader.

Han Mi-nyeo: Ola Roshdy

Feelings about Mi-nyeo are mixed. She can hold her ground, but you can’t help but feel sorry for her at times throughout the show. If you want someone who can catch your attention and wonder what the commotion is all about in a scene, then Ola Roshdy is our go-to choice.

Hwang Jun-ho: Ahmed Dawood

Ahmed Dawood has a courageous detective charisma that definitely makes him the perfect candidate to play a policeman with a moral compass.

Ji-yeong: Mayan El Sayed

Everyone loves Ji-yeong, just like they love Mayan El Sayed. Her witty and chilled out character who chats about life before her death with nothing to lose is a role El Sayed can pull off anytime. Also, look at that smile.

The Front Man: Khaled El Nabawy

And now, finally, for playing the mysterious leader in charge, Khaled El Nabawy could do it with his eyes closed, but I guess we wouldn’t know anyway with that alluring and bizarre mask!

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