An Epic Shindig: Party tips and hacks for Every Host Out there

Partying is always fun for the guests but can be stressful on behalf of a host. Some people take to it like ducks, and others hate every second until their event finishes.

In hindsight, and we have a lot of insight behind us – we’ve put together some tips to make your life easier as well as, more importantly, to give you an unforgettable party that everyone will remember come the end of the season.

Make sure your party friends know what they’re getting into beforehand so they can feel comfortable. Mention that it’s an informal gathering and that people should just come as themselves. Agree on how long it will be (make it short!), mention any food restrictions, and make sure your home is clean beforehand – don’t forget about beverages!  

When planning games, choose ones with low stakes like charades or karaoke where everyone can participate in full voice.

So listen up, grab a coffee or a drink, relax, and enjoy this article because it’s time-saving magic at work here, folks!

Let a theme work its magic

In our experience, theme parties are a great way to bring everyone in your life together. Whether you’re hosting a dinner, throwing a cocktail party, or a casual event, the theme or the reason for the event will get everyone in the mood.

Having themed party tips working their magic makes these events feel so much more special than just another get-together with friends. Each guest can contribute their touch by adding decorations that match this party’s happening (like SuperBowl decs).

Just make sure your theme is cohesive and runs through the entire venue and into the garden or onto the deck. With this in mind, if you’re throwing a Super Bowl party, you need super food and drinks. If it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, you need to play to that theme.

Cover your entire house and garden with fairy lights if all else fails, and call it a celebration of light!

If you’re not on the guest list, you’re no one

Guest lists can be a nightmare, and many people say, “don’t mix business with pleasure” – we disagree.

You should make sure you have a good mix of guests at your party. It’s important not only because it’ll give people an opportunity for new connections, but they can also feel more comfortable meeting different types of personalities in one place, instead of just being surrounded by their friends from school or work all night long!

If you’re a list or mind map person, we’re sure you can find a way to interlink each person so that they know each other even in just an obscure way. Make sure you tell your guest why they know the other guests. Inside information breaks the ice and gets the conversation started.

Dress to impress

The dress code for your next party is an important decision. Do you want to keep things casual or formal? What kind of attire should guests wear, and which one might be too much? Especially if they’re attending as a group, themed parties are where everyone needs clarity about what’s required, so no one feels left out!

The correct answer lies in determining how complicated the event will be before moving forward at Invitation HQ. We always recommend something simple regardless because nothing beats consistency when having fun with friends without worrying about whether someone has forgotten to dress up.

If all else fails, track down your local costume hire shop. These days, it’s easy to hire an expensive dress or designer suit for an event. By hiring an outfit, you save time, money, and the planet.

To cook or not to cook? A big question!

Unless you’re a culinary genius or have a limited number of guests coming, don’t go over the top with food. Your guests should be socializing instead; anything more would distract from the fun!

Go for tried and tested simple dishes, like tacos or hotdogs (check the theme on the topic too), and remember, no one will judge you if you get the professionals in.

Catering companies, or even better, local caterers, know how to make a party happen without stressing the host.

If it’s a low key event, ask the main players (guests) to bring a dish.

Create a hospitality team

Everyone knows the friends they can rely on to help, so every event needs a hospitality team made up of your most trusted buddies.

The bigger the occasion, the more people coming over for it, the more significant their role on such an important task. The hospitality team of hand-picked buddies will always be there for every event, no matter how big or small the occasion – and they have a crucial role in making sure everyone has a fantastic time.

Here’s a top tip to keeping your team on your side – buy them a small gift to say thank you, and don’t expect people to help, no matter how tight you are without acknowledging that they made it happen.

Finally – relax and remember the most memorable parties are when unexpected things happen, or when things don’t go to plan.

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