Our Favorite Arab Celebs Slaying The Cheetah Look

In the fashion world, trends and looks come and go but there are a special few that remain evergreen and forever chic. They may be popular in one season over another but they always manage to come back, stronger than before. As with any year, the one trend that has remained intrinsic to us all is the infamous animal print whether it’s the striped tiger look or the infamous black and white zebra print.

With today being International Cheetah Day, we thought it is apt to celebrate the animal kingdom’s coolest speedster by bringing together the coolest Cheetah looks worn over the years by our favorite Arab celebrities.

Yasmine Abd El Aziz Flaunting The Cheetah Look, Not Once But Twice

The iconic Egyptian comedic actress who began her career by starring in prominent commercials took the cinematic world by storm after playing key roles in popular films like Kadar Emra’a and Jala Jala. After taking a 17-year hiatus from talk shows, she made an exciting first appearance on Mona El Shazly’s show in 2019. Bringing her playful spirit and signature smile, the actress matched that energy with her bodycon dress decorated with cheetah prints and large red roses.

Coming back for a second appearance in 2021, the actress was accompanied by her husband, Ahmed El Awadi at Mona El Shazly’s show where the couple had many adorable moments of hilarious banter as they explored the ongoings of their relationship with El Shazly. During the show, the actress once again rocked a printed cheetah look but this time she went for a red long-sleeved leather dress embellished with a black Dolce & Gabbana belt.

Nicole Saba Bringing Back A Classic Look To CIFF

Born to be on stage, the Lebanese actress and singer was in the spotlight since 1998 when she was part of the Lebanese pop band The 4 Cats. She then ventured into a solo singing and acting career and made waves when she starred in her first-ever film role as the magnetic Danish woman in the Egyptian film The Danish Experience alongside the legendary Egyptian actor, Adel Imam.

19 years later, the actress gave a special nod to the 2003 film by donning the same exact metallic cheetah dress she wore during the premiere of the film at the closing ceremony of this year’s Cairo International Film Festival. She paired her look with hoop earrings in addition to a golden clutch all while donning her signature long wavy blonde locks.

Yasmine Sabri Sipping On Tea While In Full Cheetah Wear

The iconic Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabri is known not to shy away from dynamic television roles as well as trendsetting fashion. She has been gracing our screens since 2013 when she began her acting career by starring in the television series Devil’s Steps; from there, her career only blossomed as she was able to receive recognition in the Arab World.

Today, she is known as one of the biggest stars in the MENA region with a huge social media presence of over 19.9 million followers on Instagram. Considered the ultimate trendsetter, it is no surprise that she rocked the cheetah look many times with her usual elegance and beauty. One of our favorite times that she donned the look was during her 2021 trip to Paris where she wore a long cheetah-dotted dress along with simple beige slippers and jewelry.

Maya Diab Dazzling Everyone in Her Dynamic Cheetah Wear

Via Youm 7

Another former member of the popular pop band 4 Cats who has been making a big name for herself as an actress, singer, and television personality is Lebanon’s Maya Diab. She starred in many popular films including the hilarious Lion & Four Cats where she was joined by her 4 Cats bandmates as well as the Egyptian actor Hany Ramzy. As a TV host, she presented popular TV programs including 2012’s Deal or no deal: El Ikhtiyar.

Beyond her presence as a TV personality and actress, Diab is quite the fashionista and has a huge following on Instagram with over 10.4 million followers who keep track of her latest coolest outfits including her Formula 1 glittery green dress paired with striking bold red cowboy hat. As a fashion icon, Diab has also slayed the cheetah look during her many Instagram posts where she can be seen wearing a long-sleeve-dotted cheetah dress matching perfectly with her long wavy blonde locks.

There you have it, when it comes to fashion, these are our top picks for the ultimate cheetah print looks. Let us know if you agree with our selection and if you have your own favorite picks from the last two years.

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