Our Special Forecast Of The Latest Trends In Winter Fashion

Winter is just around the corner and a lot of us can’t help but think about what to wear during the upcoming season. Last year, it was all about puffer vests as well as leather jackets and even leather dresses, as for colour, it was all about that pop of neon or the classic splash of tie-dye. The quirkiest was the comeback of knitwear for the popular cosy look.

Now with this year, we thought to get some creative inspiration from Arab TikTokers and fashion designers for what we believe will be ubiquitous; here’s a rundown of some looks we would love to see trending this upcoming season.

Long Shirt, Short Pullover & Skirt Combo

Via TikTok

Bringing a fresh take to classic summer and winter items is the Lebanese Egyptian influencer, Jessica Toutounji. In all her TikTok videos, she is known to play around with different styles and outfit combinations to change up the narrative regarding what is considered fashionable. In one of her recent videos, she took three classic winter staples: a knitted jumper, buttoned shirt and skirt and wore them all together as a single outfit. The outfit is easy to mimic simply paired with black tights and boots you’ve got yourself a go to winter outfit.

Long Cashmere or Knitted Dresses

With almost a million followers under her belt, the Iraqi-born Dubai-based fashion model Rania Fawaz knows exactly what to wear with every changing season. With winter, it is all about comfort and getting cuddled up with a hot drink and that is why we picked out the model’s stunning look during her Tory Burch shoot. She donned a tonal outfit that consisted of a long, delicate maroon cashmere dress paired with shiny knee-high boots. You can also go for a long turtleneck knitted dress for an extra layer of warmth during cold winters. Simple yet elegant, it’s an outfit that can be worn any time during the day and will leave you feeling confident and ready to slay your entire week.

Corseted Tops and Dresses

Via Vogue

Everyone knows that this year, Palestinian models Bella and Gigi Hadid were the ultimate highlights of Milan Fashion Week. That is why for our next pick, we went for Bella’s bold look that mixes the old 15th Century corset look with a modern twist. The corset look is already a trend and is taking on a more vibrant, edgy style as fashion models and celebrities are opting for bright colors and fluorescent touches when donning this classic look. To recreate Bella’s runway outfit, you can wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt and pair it with a corset; both should be in a bold color, let’s say red, then complete the look with tights and chunky sandals or boots.

Fluffy Oversized Neon Coats

Saudi-Arabian-based Lebanese Nathalie Fanj is not just a fashion influencer who dons luxury designs, she is someone who also dabbles in many projects including designing her own 90s-inspired jewellery. She also has a big fanbase with over 1 million followers on Instagram; all keeping tabs on all her outfits and styles to remain up to date with the latest trends. For a mix of comfort and style, we chose a particular look of hers that we feel mixes a cocktail of trends into one outfit. During the 2021 Paris Fashion Week, the influencer hit up the streets of Paris in a bright neon yellow oversized coat. This outfit is the kind that ticks off all boxes, it’s comfortable, extremely stylish, cosy and forever trendy.

A Play On Cargo Pants

To bring in a more casual look we were inspired by the Dubai-based creative director, fashion influencer, and entrepreneur Samantha Francis Baker. Taking an already popular and trending item, the infamous cargo pants, and wearing them with a twist, the influencer went for a tonal dressing approach when it came to her winter outfit. She went for a head-to-toe, beige-colored look that included a leather jacket, cargo pants and a pair of olive boots. It’s chic and casual, giving you that needed edge for the upcoming months of winter.

From neon to oversized fashion, we think that winter 2022/2023 is going to be a continuation of last year’s trends with a splash of creativity and many twists. Let us know if you agree with our choices or have completely different expectations for the winter season.

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