An Exclusive Into Dirty Backseat’s New Synth-Pop Single: ‘Rayeh Fein’

“Raye7 Fein” is Dirty Backseat’s latest single, expressing Moe’s struggle between the corporate world and music. The lyrics delve into Moe’s inner conflict to pursue music full-time.

The track combines Moe’s distinctive synth-pop sounds combined with funk and post-punk elements, featuring catchy lyrics.

The artists exclusively described the new track, saying, “the steady drum pattern is inspired from funk & disco music, which compliments the vibe of the whole track. The catchy chorus ‘Raye7 fein, ana ana raye7 fein?’ sums up the concept of it all.”

The song is written and performed by Moe Hani. Music production was done collaboratively with Mostafa Adel – an indie music producer and the founder of Audio Bus (a Cairo-based music educational platform), as well as a member in Dirty Backseat’s live band. This is considered the duo’s first official collaboration.

The video is directed by Mazen Bayoumy, an indie director based in Cairo, Egypt with the single mastered and released on Wall of Sound Records based in Saudi Arabia.

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