Amr Diab Smashes Mohamed Ramadan and Shady Srour’s Youtube Ratings in Mere Hours

All the boys in the yard can call themselves number one as much as they want, but the Hadaba said the final word. Quick recap for the few of you who managed to escape the most entertaining (not really) drama on social media this year. Egypt’s Actor and box office ruler, Mohamed Ramadan, has been rapping for quite some time now and insists that he is number one.

While most of us keep scrolling and moving on with our lives after two or three minor rants, other artists; also non-rappers, convinced themselves that they can diss track, Ramadan. Actor, Singer, and Producer, Bushra, released a subtle song attacking Ramadan, yet it did not end well but she gracefully got over it.

Egypt’s biggest Youtuber and rising Actor, Shady Srour, came back from a social-media-depression-hiatus and released another diss track, Al-Ostoora, that garnered millions of views but Ramadan remained on the top of the social media throne.

Via Mohamed Ramadan

Today is a bad day for both Ramadan and Srour because Amr Diab is been back on Youtube for less than a day and has already smashed their records along with any preconceived notion that anyone is number one but him.

Diab’s latest hit Ma’darsh Al Nesyan, written by none other than Turki Al-Sheikh, is the classic Diab love song that takes you back to the 90s with sweet romantic lyrics and melody. It’s been a day and the song garnered 3.3 million views and it’s the most trending Youtube video as I type.

I’m sure he will hit 4 million before the day is over. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the man is called ‘El Hadaba’!

Enjoy Amr Diab’s ageless and timeless vocals below:


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