Amr Adib Goes On a Hilarious Rant on Amr Diab’s Gym Video and it’s Everything

The world as we know it has definitely changed yesterday. Egypt’s superstar, never-aging singer, and everyone’s fashion icon, Amr Diab, graced our lives with a video of him at the gym. And no, he wasn’t talking on his phone while walking on a treadmill. Diab was a mean bi and tri killing machine; lifting weights and doing push ups and pull ups as if it’s nothing.

It goes without saying everyone lost their calm and felt 20 years older and Amr Adib was no exception.

The hilarious TV host was all of us on his talk show, Kol Youm. The guy went on a full rant that described everything we’ve been feeling.

This video traumatized us on so many levels. Not only does he flawlessly workout, he looks impeccable and dressed like the superstar that he is while effortlessly killing it.

Watch the epic rant below:

Amr Adib vs Amr Diab 😂

Posted by Sandra Greiss on Sunday, January 28, 2018

WE SAID THIS: If only we looked that good at the gym.