Mohamed Ramadan Released A Song Claiming to Be Number 1 For the 100th Time

Enough already, our dear actor. For what seems to be the 100th time, Mohamed Ramadan abused another chance to publicly announce his superiority. Since Ramadan’s TV show, Nesr ElSe3id, came to life, Ramadan and his crew have been constantly claiming their leading man rule the tv reign like no other.

Ramadan has faced quite the backlash by celebrities as Ahmed Salah ElSaadani and Amir Teima, however, it’s unlikely that the actor to receive the hate waves silently.

Unfortunately, Ramadan released yet another song that is basically nothing but self-glorification. While we completely support Ramadan’s path to success and appreciate him as an actor, this is way too much.

Yes, we know you have a huge fan base. Yes, you have high viewership. Yet, you are not the only man to succeed at work. Small reminder: It’s just a job, not humanitarian or charity work. Too much ego will only kill you. We love you Ramadan, but maybe your work will speak for itself next time.

Watch the self-loving music video Number One below:

WE SAID THIS: If it’s that easy … We claim to be number one too!