All You Need To Know About Cairo’s Empower Her Art Forum This Week

Within the historic space known as the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization converges the global artwork of female artists who bring something new to the fold. From Palestine to Chile to Egypt, their paintings, sculptures, and artistic photographs bring their stories and cultures to the fore.

When Is The Event Taking Place?

Kicking off from May 19th to the 22nd, the artwork will be displayed in one of the halls inside the Egyptian Museum as well as in an outdoor tent.

What Type Of Artwork Will Be On Display?

As it is an event to empower women through art, the main subject of most of the pieces on display is women. Artists from different nationalities will present their work, allowing you to see the inner strife and resilience of different countries.

Palestine alone will be on display through the work of Rima Almozzyyen and Dina Mattar. Almozzyyen explores the struggles in Gaza in the most poignant way by bringing to life the most popular words that were said by Gazans on the cusp of the war.

She recreates the phrase uttered by Taleen, a young Palestinian girl who recognized her deceased mom through her hair, and so she said, “I know my mother, my hair.”

The poignant moment was represented through a painting of young hair next to a lock of hair held by hand inscribed with the words “My mom’s hair.” That is merely one example of the type of work to expect at the Art Forum.

How To Get Tickets

Seeing how the Art Forum will display such powerful and poignant artwork by talented women from around the world, art lovers and aficionados alike will get to come face to face with work that may inspire them to create their own pieces themselves.

To attend this special event, all you’ll need to do is buy tickets from the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

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