All is Fair in Love and Memes: WWIII Edition!


The international political arena is driving people to have rising concerns and predictions that a third World War is approaching. This led to the hashtag #WW3 trending all over social media, with some discussing serious theories while others make endless memes and comics about the terrifying topic.

Most of the memes are a bit dark and ominous, but they are, by all means, hilarious. Here is a compilation of some of the funniest WWIII memes out there!

Via Imgur
“Ok 2020, we’ll come back another time, you look insane right now.”
Via Outside. Facebook Page
“The third world war is about to start” “The one that Fahmy and Sheeko die in”
Via Facebook

WE SAID THIS: No one is ready for the war, but everyone is ready for the memes!