Al-Ahly Wants YOU to Go with Them to Dubai and Face AS Roma Together

We love online banter! As soon as we sense a feud about to happen, we get our popcorn game on, sit down and watch. Remember when football star Ahmed Hossam (Mido) and madman Mortada Mansour had their Twitter moseeba? Well, we were scouring the Egyptian interwebz when we bumped into Al-Ahly on Facebook and Twitter engaging with their sponsors: Huawei, Juhayna, Vodafone and Coca-Cola.

After minutes of trying to figure out what wa happening, we’ve found out that they’re all talking about the big Al-Ahly game against AS Roma! Yes, the one every single Egyptian human being is talking about. Not only that, Al-Ahly and its squad want to send some lucky fans to go and watch the game with them in DUBAI!!!

Here’s the cute Facebook conversation of all of them teasing their fans.  *SCREAMS* pick us please *SCREAMS*















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