9 Things You’ll Understand If You Refuse to Answer Your Phone

In this day and age, we communicate with everyone using different means. From texting on our Huawei Mate8 to Facebooking, Snapchatting, Tindering and so on, but the most heinous one of them all is calling. Why do we still call people? Why can’t they just text? Do you think we have it in us to lift our phones, put it on our ears and listen to your same old stuff? NO! We don’t.


Which is why we’ve decided to give y’all the symptoms if you suffer from Not Answering My Phone Syndrome.




You’d rather WhatsApp than answer the phone


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You get a mini-heart attack every time your phone rings







You’ve fell out with people and lost friendships because you just never returned their phone calls






You only get credit on your phone for Internet (so you can Snapchat)







Your worst nightmare is basically getting a phone call from an unknown or blocked number






Drunk calling is a thing you know nothing about


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You always memorize a list of excuses to why you didn’t answer the phone







And the excuses on that list just keep getting worse…and worse






Basically, the only time you want to answer the phone is when you say: DO NOT CALL ME!!!






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