15 Signs Your Phone Is the Only Lover You Need

I can’t recall the last time I saw someone without a phone that is basically an extension of his arm. It wouldn’t baffle me if South Korea suddenly decided to surgically attach our A Series smartphones to our palms for practicality.

Remember that almost-heart attack you had when your phone battery died halfway through Instagram stalking? Well, if your mom can’t convince you that you became too emotionally attached to your phone, your almost-heart attack surely did.

Here are all the signs your phone is basically a part of who you are and the only BFF you need to live:




1. You snuggle in bed together






2. When you wake up, your phone is the first thing you greet






3. When you go to the bathroom, you refuse to leave it in the bedroom alone






4. In the middle of listening to a compelling story, you can’t help but zone out because the phone screen is so mesmerizing 






5. The sound of an incoming text is like music to your ears




6. Notifications give you a sense of self-importance





7. You eat together





8. It’s ringtones and music apps serenades you






9. It talks to you via YouTube and e-books





10. It brings the world to your feet with the constant flow of news on social media





11. Too lazy to call your friend? Well, your phone has your back 


whatss app



12. When you drop your phone and it survives, the mobile becomes the only inspirational hero you need 





13. Going to the beach is painful, because it cannot swim with you




14. Heartaches mean dead batteries and no Wi-Fi





15. You don’t open up to friends, but you will gladly tweet your inner most thoughts as long as you do it feeling the comfort of your phone in your hand







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