Adidas Launches a Game of Thrones Collaboration in Dubai

By Sarah Alblowi

Sneakerheads, watch out for the ice and fire fantasy series coming for your beloved kicks! The Ultra Boost line is now featuring the fictional kingdoms in six amusing sneakers, making it a collector’s must. With the anticipated season airing mid-April, the show has surprised us by teasing us with their energetic sneakers. 

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It’s no surprise the footwear line is kicking off with options sold out prior to release thanks to die-hard fans that were hungry for the trendy shoes. Each rare pair retails for USD 180 and can be found online internationally or in Dubai.  

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These exclusive kicks come in their smooth black Adidas X Game of Thrones boxes. The collection is not screaming the collaboration, instead, their beauty is in the details; the fabrics, exotic patterns, and colors. Each shoe reflects a theme fitting every character. However, each piece is treated as an individual piece of art. House of Targaryen is hands down my favorite, with its mists of burnt orange and spirited red.

Check out Adidas UAE’s website here.


WE SAID THIS:  Be quick to put your hands on these bad boys, they sell out in a flash!