The Actual Wolf of Wall Street Just Got Hustled by an Egyptian

Via Above the Law
Via Above the Law
Via Above the Law


We love the Internet. It’s a beautiful thing. Especially when we bump into posts like these. Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf of Wall Street, updated his Facebook status a few days ago and it went viral on the Egyptian Internet. We skimmed through the lengthy post to spot the word EGYPT in caps lock, then “fraud,”  then “police”! Holy Masr, the wolf of Wall Street, the king of frauds and manipulation just got hustled by an Egyptian!



However, he never mentioned any details about the event itself, which raises some question marks. Why is he calling on Egyptians to report on the man, if he can do it himself very easily considering his social status and connections? According to his website, Belfort is going to make an appearance as a guest speaker in Mexico on December 1st. Nothing else is mentioned, which is very fishy.



On the other hand, Egyptians were very proud of that man who outsmarted one of the biggest cheats the world knows














WE SAID THIS: Wallah w 3amalooha el regala.


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