A Scoop of Mosalsalat: ‘B 100 Wesh’ is Just One More Thing That Proves Nelly Karim is on Fire Right Now

Don’t worry, NO SPOILERS!

People didn’t need much convincing to add “B 100 Wesh” to their schedule of Ramadan shows after seeing the cast; Asser Yassin is one of the most popular Egyptian actors and Nelly Karim has been leading the Ramadan race for years! This first impression piece is after watching the first two episodes of the series, to discuss our take on this promising project.

Firstly, Nelly Karim was on top of her game in the past few years in the Ramadan Race, killing it in her drama projects. But it’s interesting to see what she has to offer in a light comedy. It was also very interesting to see two big names like Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin joining forces for this one, and you can already see from the first two episodes that they have great chemistry together!

The first two episodes are just introducing the two main characters of the series, their backgrounds, and what led them to start the life they’re leading right now. Up until now, the series is light, funny, and things are starting to spice up a little bit. If you’re questioning whether or not you should start watching it, the answer is that you definitely should. It might not be the most sophisticated or the funniest thing you’ll watch this Ramadan, but you’ll most definitely enjoy watching it.

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