Your Ultimate TV Series Schedule For Ramadan 2020!

It’s time for the ultimate television marathon of the year, the Ramadan Series Race, 2020 edition! This year is very special and challenging for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic; it was obviously challenging for producers and artists to shoot the series during the lockdown.

However, as millions of people are staying at home, Ramadan TV is going to be the perfect entertainment for everyone. The line-up of series this year is heavy, with a lot of star-studded projects announced and people are eagerly anticipating their favorite show.

Since it’s hard to fix the schedule for the series, we’ve done our homework to make your lives easier. We’ve compiled for your the ultimate schedule for the 2020 Ramadan series race. Get your pen and paper ready, scroll through the series below, and get set for the marathon!

WE SAID THIS: Which are you’re planning to add to your schedule?