A Scoop of Hope: This Filipina Expat in Dubai Prepares Over 200 Meals a Day for Those in Need

It’s always heartwarming to see humans supporting fellow humans in times of need.

During Eid, and with people suffering the financial burdens of the coronavirus pandemic, Filipina expat and mother of three, Feby Cacher Baguisa-Dela Peña, decided to support other expats in Dubai by cooking over 200 daily meals for them and distributing them to anyone in need, for free. The chicken adobo meals include chicken, rice with soup, and eggs.

As word of mouth spread and more people heard of Dela Peña’s initiative, they were inspired to start supporting her, each in their own way. While her husband and friends assist her in the preparation of the food, community members took part in distributing the food with her. Someone offered her a banner that says “Free Food for Everyone”, while Emirati vlogger and influencer, Khaled Al Ameri, featured her in a recent video, and gave her AED 10,000 to support her initiative and contribute to it.

“I don’t believe that you have to be rich to help others, you can share whatever you have, even if it’s just a small portion of it,” said Dela Peña.

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