A Pioneer of Sustainability: Beko Is Named as a “Top Impact Company” of 2022

Beko has been a worldwide brand since 1955, delivering outstanding household appliances ranging from washing machines and dryers to refrigerators and freezers. Beko is Arçelik’s international home appliance brand. For those of you not familiar with Arçelik, is a multinational household appliance and producer with 12 brands and over 40,000 employees around the world.

Distinguished by its desire to innovate for the benefit of customers and the environment, Beko has spent the last two decades focusing on development in order to make consumers’ lives healthier and more convenient. It is now the largest white goods brand in Europe and a global brand with products distributed in over 140 countries. Not only this but it’s also the quickest-growing brand in the European market for large household appliances.

Along with kit supplier Nike and Japanese e-commerce business Rakuten, Beko is one of FC Barcelona’s three primary partners. In addition, the brand is the official supplier of the European League of Legends Championship (LEC) and the naming partner of Fenerbahçe Men’s Basketball Team.

As a result, Beko has made significant contributions to the larger cause of ensuring a sustainable global environment. With that being said, Beko is all about sustainability and growing more conscious of its goods’ impact on the environment, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies of 2022. They came in 20th place on the list because of their beneficial and environmental impact, as well as the different projects they started.

So, how does Beko go about promoting sustainability?

Beko’s “healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet” campaign aims to inspire future generations to live healthier lifestyles, recognizing that this is only feasible on a healthy planet, which fundamentally promotes a more sustainable existence.

The company’s inclusion on the Real Leaders list demonstrates that its sustainability initiatives are in line with the Real Leader’s purpose, as Beko continues to inspire others through its sustainable business practices. The company’s ideology encourages people to live better lives by utilizing environmentally friendly technologies and emphasizing the idea that humans and the world are inevitably linked.

For a more sustainable lifestyle, Beko’s product portfolio integrates recycled materials, bio-composites, and detergent-saving technologies. The company’s highly advanced portfolio of sustainable products, which includes a washing machine/washer dryer, oven, tumble dryer, refrigerator, espresso coffee maker, and dishwashers, was created to make a significant difference in consumers’ daily lives.

For the EcoTub Washing Machine & Washer Dryer, for example, up to 60 recycled 0.5L PET bottles were used in the tubs of various kinds of washing machines and washer dryers. In the EcoFiber Oven, plastic pieces such as door decor plastic and display cover were made with five percent recovered fishnet waste and 65 percent industrial thread waste. AutoDose Dishwasher delivers the exact amount of detergent for sparkling clean dishes every time, and it uses up to 28 percent less detergent every wash for a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet.

What relevance does this new milestone have?

The Real Leaders is an impact membership group with a global media platform dedicated to good change. Its goal is to bring together farsighted leaders to change our shortsighted world. Real Leaders, which was founded in 2010, saw early that businesses had a responsibility to be as concerned about their influence on the environment as they care about their employees and societies. Real Leaders is a B Corporation that is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact and is privately owned. Being recognized by such an organization demonstrates Beko’s commitment to and preservation of this important cause, demonstrating that companies may aim for and manufacture more environmentally friendly products that do not hurt the environment in any way.

Beko exemplifies how businesses should think about their products in order to promote a healthy and sustainable future. This is a corporation that isn’t interested in making a profit, but rather in leaving a legacy and making a positive impact on the world and the environment.

WE SAID THIS: We wish Beko continued success in its efforts to promote a sustainable global environment through its products!