Vogue France says “Yes to the headscarf” While its government Bans it!

by Rahma Haggag

Muslims showed their anger and disappointment towards Vogue France after posting a picture of the actress and model, Julia Fox wearing a headscarf with the caption “Yes to the headscarf,” during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The four words caption angered most Muslims especially women after France released new laws to ban the hijab there.

Furthermore, many Muslims went through Vogue France’s post, commenting with the question how yes to the headscarf France really is?

Vogue France edited the caption to just be “Swipe left for your recap of @JuliaFox & @KanyeWest style journey at the haute couture shows in Paris this week,” after the huge amount of negative comments they have got on their post.

The writer, Samya Hafsaoui commented on the post: “Go ahead, put someone with a headscarf on the cover then.” She was making fun of Vogue France’s caption as France does not accept Muslim women with hijab.

Moreover, the Lebanese author, Najwa Zebian tweeted about France’s latest laws regarding the hijab saying, “Forcing a woman to wear a hijab is wrong. Just like forcing her to take it off is wrong. It is HER choice.”

In addition, a blogger on Instagram posted a reel of her making fun of France after banning hijab; meanwhile Vogue France caption’s “Yes to the headscarf.”

In 2011, France was the first European country to ban all face-covering garments in public spaces, including burqas and niqabs. This month, the French senators also gave their voices to the law that banned hijabs for female athletes.

Lawmakers also decided to forbid burkinis in swimming pools and restrict the Muslims’ freedom of religion by also banning hijabs in schools and excluding all Muslim hijab-wearing mothers who take part in any extracurricular activity in order to ban any religious sign for parents.