A Novel About The War In Syria By Author Antoine Wauters Wins Livre Inter 2022 Prize

The Syrian conflict ravaged the country for years, but it’s still a piece of history that people won’t forget for a very long time.

Creating ripples through time, many have talked about it, reported on it, and lived it. That said, the human story remains influential today.

Enter Belgian author Antoine Wauters and his novel “Mahmoud Or The Rising Waters.”

Wauters works wonders sharing the human side with all its different shades. It includes grief, pain, love, and the feeling of nostalgia.

The story must have struck a chord with readers and critics alike because it did well and won one of the most prestigious awards in France, the Livre Inter prize for 2022.

The Award

Established in 1975, the Prix du Livre Inter is awarded by the radio channel France Inter for the best French novel of the year.  

The 48th edition of the prize had a jury comprised of listeners who decided on the winner, which ended up being Wauters and his book.

What’s the Main Story of the Novel?

“Mahmoud Or The Rising Waters” follows an old Syrian man who goes to the shores of Lake Al-Assad to reminisce about the past. He tries to remember his village, which used to be where the lake now sits. Finally, he looks at the ever-evolving conflict in the area from the 1960s to the present.

Who Is Antoine Wauters?

Starting as a teacher, Wauters wouldn’t garner attention until he moved from verse form to poetic prose.

His first novel from 2014, “Nos mères,” which means “Our Mothers,” was able to get him the recognition he deserved, pushing him towards the spotlight and to the world.

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Did the Novel Win Any Awards Before?

Wauters’ novel is on a streak of wins, earning several literary prizes since its release. The awards include the Marguerite Duras prize in October of 2021 and the Wepler prize in November of that same year.

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