A Newbie Guide to Everything Travel Related

Traveling can be nerve-racking, yet it adds so much value and experience. Traveling solo or traveling, in general, for the first time is one of the best kind of self-discovery journeys out there. The rewarding feeling and laughs are priceless life pleasures.

But, let’s be real; it’s scary, you don’t want to forget your toothbrush or misplace your passport. So, with so much to wrap your head around, don’t forget these simple effective tips. 

Emergency contact 

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It’s important to stay safe, no matter where you go, by knowing emergency numbers and your embassy’s location. From simple robberies to violence, so if God forbid something happens, you’d be protected. 

Dress respectfully 

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Part of traveling is respecting the hosting country’s culture. Be sensitive and mindful to dress codes, especially in religious sites. In some countries, this can land you behind bars or in conflict with locals. 

Pack light

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Overpacking is a real issue; to avoid this, be smart and pre-plan outfits. No need for a meltdown and ten different shoes. And remember, roll for maximum space. 

Check the weather 

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There’s nothing more frustrating than booking a trip to be surprised with rain and storm. This rookie mistake can be easily avoided by checking the weather forecast in advance. Don’t let it rain on your parade, literally. 

Carry cash 

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Just in case, you cards freeze or you can’t reach for an ATM, cash is your best friend. As soon as you arrive, you will need to pay your ride and sure enough, they might not have a swipe option. Having cash on you will save you when it comes to a lot of things, from buying a sandwich to a souvenir. 

Bring a charger adapter

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Beside Instagram posts and Google maps, your phone is your left hand on the road. Who’s going to take your cute pictures if your battery dies? The struggle of not being able to charge your electronics can ruin your whole trip since adapters can be hard to find or expensive due to high demand.

Change currency before you leave 

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Depending on where you’re going, you most likely have to convert into dollars or euros before you leave your homeland. Then when you land, you convert to the desired currency. Overall, having these international currencies will cover your back.

Plan your first and last day

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Although not everything will go as planned, two things should; the first and last day, including your budget. Preplan and follow every move. Nothing sucks more than missing your flight or messing up your first day.

Use travel apps

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Technology has made our lives easier, I mean travel, a thousand times easier. Checklists for packing, hotel booking, and reviews are at your fingertips. Don’t underestimate a single application’s help.

Check out our recommendations for travel apps here.

Learn The Basics

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The language barrier is expected, however, learning the basics like greetings and counting to 10 will make communications easier. Also, be considerate and learn about cultural norms. Simple things like tipping the server can be rude in some countries.


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