A Cure to Everyone’s Post Eid Blues: UAE’s Beat the Heat Concert Series

With Eid break over, many of us are feeling sluggish, barely able to focus at work as our minds are still with family or by the beach. The weather is not helping either with cities like Dubai and Cairo enduring temperatures of above 38 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, the UAE decided to be the MENA region’s saving grace with its new indoor concert series dubbed “Beat the Heat”.  

This star studded 7-day concert will be held at Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid Hall at Dubai’s World Trade Centre. Each concert will serve up a different genre with everything from alternative rap to mainstream alternative.

With Cairokee and Afroto slaying the concert’s first night on 16th of July, the entertainment continues throughout the months of July and August. It will end with Sharmoofers on Saturday August 27th as the band continues to make their way across the MENA region with their recent successful June 22nd concert at Saudi Arabia.

If you are craving to get over the holiday blues this week, then you can catch the festival’s upcoming Khaleji Night themed show set to happen on Saturday July 23rd. Saudi artists Bader AlShuaibi, Zena Emad and Ayed will be the night’s performers.

For the concert tickets, you can purchase them through Dubai’s Platinumlist. The price for the July 23rd concert is 28 USD. With doors opening at 6pm, make sure to move early especially if you are working a 9 to 5. Bring family or friends for a night of dancing, fun and hopefully a cure to your Eid blues.

Other concert dates will be held on Saturday 30th July, August 6th, 13th, 26th and 27th with each night’s genres including North African, Indie, Filipino, Khaleji and Mainstream Alternative.

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