A Captain’s Advice: The Google Arabia Ads That Are the Highlight of Our Instagram Feed

Remember the famous Egyptian Panda cheese tv commercial? It’s been a while since we saw an ad that reaches the same level and is creative, simple, absolutely on-point, and funny.

From the time Google was invented, we have been automatically heading to it for basically anything we want answers for. And that’s exactly what Google Arabia‘s new ads are about. Although the campaign is not over yet, it’s clearly achieving the success it deserves because it’s being shared all over Instagram, especially since the man behind it started sharing it on his account.

Mohamed Fathy, also known as Shank, has written and directed a series of 15 video ads for Google Arabia, under the title of “The Captain’s Advice”. In each video, the man gives an example of a simple question regarding how to do a specific act, like bake an orange cake or workout at home, and illustrates how you can do it, in a funny and lightheartedly spontaneous way. In less than 20 minutes, the videos sell the idea, make you laugh, and leave you admiring the spontaneity of the man’s acting skills, not to mention the creativity of the whole team behind the ad.

13 videos have been posted so far, and we’re super excited to see the rest! Here are our favorites.

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