Tired of Big Food Chains? Here Are 6 Local Alternatives In Your Cairo

Local Egyptian food chains are on the rise, and the age of international food chains attraction is coming to an end. With the current boycott of chains like Macdonald’s and Starbucks, in addition to growing interest in consuming what is local. Gathered for you is a list of local restaurants better than international ones, or at least we claim so.

Primo’s Pizza

Tired of Pizza Hut? Yet craving American style pizza every once in a while? Primo’s Pizza which has been in market since is the closest one to that. Their price range is decent compared to other local ones. This Cairo based American style pizza will leave you nurtured with flavors.

929 Specialty Coffee

With one branch in Korba, Heliopolis. 929 has been keeping its quality of service on the rise ever since its launch in. Starting from the anterior, to the fresh smell of their Colombian coffee beans. No wonder why it is crowded 24/7!


Back in 2007, an American journalist has been living in Cairo for some time. His name is Scoot Macleod, he discovered Lucille’s burger, and after checking it out he ended up writing a review about it for The Time proudly Egyptian burger joint saying it is the World’s Best Burger.

Al Abd

When it comes to finding the tastiest local donut out there, drenched in Egyptian craftmanship, Al Abd that has been standing for decades serving high quality pastry and sweets often goes under the radar. Al Abd’s fresh and fluffy donuts that are also affordable compared to other local shops.

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From the first glance you will think it needs renovations. Magic is one of the hidden gems for ice-cream “Gelato”. For local residents of Heliopolis it is no surprise, but most people often never heard of it. Magic has been standing for generations and it is serving ice cream in different flavors and colors. Next time you are near Heliopolis, you might want to check Magic out this almost historic place for lots of nostalgia.


Opened recently, Burdogz’ owned by Ramez Andrea takes the outdoor dinning experience to another level. Their chicken burger is loaded with flavors, neat, and comes in fulfilling portions. It is a burger truck that overlooks a garden designed by wooden tables and chairs, and yellow neon lights. If you decide to go there, expect cute, yet hungry cat company.

Egyptians love food, and they are impressively good at it. It is some sort of innate skill that to this day no one debunked. That being said, there are numerous local food restaurants out there, hidden or not that definitely deserve the attention either from natives or tourists alike.

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