9 Things You Didn’t Know About Disco Misr’s Amr Emad

Via Disco Misr


“Reviving the oriental sounds of the Middle East with a twist of disco and funk,” that’s how one of Egypt’s favorite DJs Disco Misr describe themselves. And today marks the birthday of one half of the duo, Amr Emad, and we couldn’t be more happy.


We’re very proud of what Emad and his partner in crime Mostafa El Sherif have accomplished, and we look forward to a lot more of craziness and success in their future. To celebrate his special day, here’s a list of nine things that you didn’t know about the birthday boy.



1. He’s a virgo


Via Amr Emad


Hardworking, intelligence, loyalty and modesty are all Virgo traits, but more importantly, they’re all traits that would describe Emad.



2. He started Disco Misr with his best friend in around 2009


Via Amr Emad


Even though they’ve only started blowing up in the last couple of years, the duo have been going at it way much longer than you’d think, and they definitely put in the countless hours to reach where they are right now.



3. He met El Sherif while they were in school


Via Amr Emad


And from then, the greatest love story ever told was born!



4. He’s OBSESSED with Game of Thrones


Via Tumblr


Who isn’t? He also seems to like Jon Snow a lot but the real question is; which house is Emad really rooting for?



5. He hasn’t changed his cover photo in two years


Via Amr Emad


Not only is he a Game of Thrones fan, but apparently, he’s also a Breaking Bad maniac.



6. They just released a new album


Via Club Central


They launched their latest album “Short W Fanela w Kas” less than a month ago at Club Central with the most amazing tunes we’ve heard in a long time!



7. He was actually featured on TeleScoop way back when!



He was interviewed by our co-founder Sherry El-Kilany back in early 2015.



8. He’s NOT related to Tara Emad


Via Tara Emad


From their uncanny resemblance to their last name and their close friendship, rumors have always circulated that Amr and Tara are siblings, but they’re not true (even though a small part of us wish they were).



9. He is all about that old school Egypt vibe! 


Old songs, movies, theme songs and even cartoon. From Shamousa and Talaat Zein’s Taala to Rasha Rezk’s Pokemon theme song, you can see Emad’s sources of inspiration throughout his work.



WE SAID THIS: Check out more of Disco Misr’s amazing work on their Soundcloud page.