9 Reasons Why We Hate Facebook Memories

Memories are often regarded as a good thing, a way to cherish the beautiful moments. But the damage some memories cause by reliving them can be hard to patch up.

Facebook’s “On This Day” feature offers you all sorts of memories and forces you to revisit past moments, whether you like it or not.

Here’s why we think it’s not such a good idea:




1. Not all memories are good. Period.




Who would want to remember the day they lost someone special, the day they got fired or the day their pet died? No one.




2. We share random/silly things at random moments




That does not make it something worth being reminded of.




3. Relationships are fragile




In five year’s time, all your photos will probably be with people you have nothing to do with now.




4. It’s sure to make you feel nostalgic



No, not a good thing.




5. Even if the memory is a good one, there’s no guarantee it’s going to brighten your day




Often, the present is not as simple and as inviting as the past may seem.




6. Change is inevitable




The things you obsessed about two years ago are no longer an issue.




7. It can get boring




There’s nothing interesting about repeating yourself.




8. It makes you dwell so much on the past




How are you expected to move on if memories of your ex appear unexpectedly at the top of your newsfeed every other day.




9. It can be a source of distress




With yet still unaccomplished plans and unattainable dreams, you can’t help but feel stuck in life. Why the constant reminder?




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