9 Egyptian Moms Reveal What They Really Want For Mother’s Day

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We’re very sure you know an amazing mom. Maybe you know more than one. Maybe you are one. Whatever and whoever you are, you must know or are one. And all these amazing ladies probably don’t have a clue how amazing they are. Which is why we think you should treat them with the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

Oh, wait? You don’t know what they want? Well, we have decided to ask Egyptian moms what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day and the results are surprising(ly simple) to say the least.




Some time alone




“Take the kids out of the house. Don’t ask me where to take them or what to feed them. Just let me relax , order Pizza Hut and watch Desperate Housewives.”




Cook them dinner




“I don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant in a five-star hotel walahy. I would prefer having my husband cook roz and molokheya for me and eat it together at home.”




These little things can go a long way




“My two kids are now, well, not kids. Ahmed is 23 and Rania is 21. I ask them for the same thing every year. Don’t argue, clean the house without me having to say it a thousand times and make me breakfast. I’m still waiting for that gift.”




Perspective is everything


(Credit: insidevero)


“I’m a 58-year old mother of four kids. When they were little, I wanted time alone without them. It was crazy, there were years when I couldn’t even pee by myself.  Now that they’ve grown up into adults, I just want all four of them together at home whenever possible.”








“I just want silence. No children, no husband, no pets, no phone, no computer, NO ANYTHING! Just me, a bottle of wine and a new book to read. Then I want to do that all day. No interruptions or needs. I just want to not be needed for one day.”




Be her friend



“I just want my kids to spend some time with me. It makes me want to cry that my kids don’t think of me as a friend and barely even talk to me sometimes. My son and daughter just come from school and go straight into their rooms. I googled League of Legends the other day hoping I could start a conversation about my son and his video gaming obsession. All I want for Mother’s Day is for my kids to open up to me a little.”




Arrange a girls night out




“I miss my friends. I would like nothing more than for someone to arrange a girls night out for me. Get me a babysitter, make reservations, make sure my friends are free.”




Ask them what they really want instead of getting something you’re not sure of




“I need a new fridge. I’m not even joking.”




Be thoughtful




“I’d love a thoughtful gift. It could be a letter, a handmade anything, a picture of me and my kids with a note written on the back. I want something to keep as a touchstone to remind myself of our mutual love.”




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