8 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Quotes That Will Inspire You

Via Awaken The Greatness Within.


We just can’t get enough of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister, the Vice President and the Ruler of Dubai. He is the reason why Dubai is one of the leading cities in the world. He isn’t just a visionary or a great leader, he’s also inspirational. Very!


We’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite quotes by him that will truly inspire you.



“Failure is not falling to the ground; it is remaining there once you have fallen and the greatest failure is when you decide not to stand up again.”


“It’s a beautiful life, but many people spend their time worrying, burdened and frowning. You can easily see the beauty of life in the laughter of a child, the tenderness of a mother, the smile of a friend or the love of a compassionate wife.”


“I have said it loud and clear: Beware, men, lest women deprive you of all the leadership positions in the country.”


“Not every rider is a horseman and not every horseman is a knight.”


“My mother, may her soul rest in peace, shaped my personality; thanks to her, I have acquired many values, good traits and skills.”



“I learn from the youngest and I’m still at the beginning of the road with no arrogance.”


“I do not impose my opinions on my children, but give them freedom of choice; this is how my father raised me.”


“The best time for a man is the time he spends with his family.”



WE SAID THIS: We love you Sheikh Mohammed!