8 Reasons Why Every Arab Student Should Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one the most beneficial experiences that could potentially add a lot to a person. For an Arab on the other hand, it might be one of the most life changing experiences that you’ll never regret. Here are seven reasons that will make you want to study abroad!



A different style of education



The educational experience is the main purpose of your whole -study abroad- journey after all. By studying abroad, you’ll introduce yourself to a whole new different educational style. You’ll get exposed to different aspects of your field and you’ll get to see how different mindsets from around the world view certain topics or issues. No more spoon-feeding, no more sleeping during the lectures. It’s a bit tough in the beginning, but it surely pays off eventually.



It’s full of challenges that will make you stronger



Moving to a different country with a different culture will surely bring a lot of challenges your way. Whether it’s language barrier, culture shock or homesickness, you’ll be put in certain situations and you’ll have to find your way out. There’s no going back, you’ll have to deal with it, you’ll have to be up to every single challenge. This is how a stronger version of yourself will be born.



You’ll be more responsible



Among the challenges you’ll face, there’s one in particular that makes the biggest nightmare, especially for the boys. Living on your own and moving out of your parents’ house is surely more liberating, but the package comes with more than just that. It comes with chores; it comes with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking. You’ll probably stop taking your mama for granted afterwards.



The cultural exchange



As cliché as it seems, but cultural exchange is one of the most important reasons why you need to study abroad. Apart from the fact that you’ll make lifetime friends coming from different backgrounds, you’ll be exposed to distinct cultural perspectives. You’ll get to try new foods and you’ll get to know more about others’ customs and traditions — no more stereotyping. In addition to that, you’ll get to represent your own country. If you Google “Egypt”, all you get will be either revolution-related or Pharaohs. It will then become your responsibility to stop the camel-related questions.



The cultural relativism



By being exposed to different cultures with even more sub-cultures within them, you’ll start to be more open and accepting of the fact that other people with different ideas and beliefs than yours exist. You’ll lose your judgmental ethnocentric persona. In fact, due to diversity, you’ll stumble upon many people who are accepting of different others. So if you were a misfit in your own country, you’ll probably find lots of other misfits with similar interests as yours somewhere else. You’ll no longer be a misfit and that will definitely boost your self-confident.



You’ll improve your language skills



You’ll be speaking a foreign language all the time, and that means practice, and practice makes perfect. If you go to a country that speaks a language that you don’t even speak, then that’s actually a plus, even though it could be overwhelming at first. You’ll improve your English and you’ll learn something new.



It will enhance your career



By adding so much to your portfolio of experiences, you’ll make a great candidate for many positions. Such an experience will be a plus on your CV and will definitely enhance your career opportunities. Employers may look for cooperative team players, flexible employees or problem solvers. You’ll be able to develop such qualities by studying and living abroad.



You’ll get to see the world


Hand made earth toy on hands


This is probably one of the best reasons among all, you’ll get to travel and see the world. You’ll get the opportunity to explore your host country and see different landscapes to the ones you’re used to over here. You might experience snow and extreme cold, you could go to forests, lakes or even volcanoes. Plus, traveling is not necessarily limited to the country you’re studying at. For instance, if you study in Europe, you’ll get to move around the continent.


The list could go on, but these are just the highlights. This leaves us with one thing, studying abroad is a life-changing experience and a big opportunity. If you find it, just grab it and hold on to it.



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