8 Reasons Dubai’s Inn the Park Is the Coolest Café on the Block

While Dubai’s name is often dropped into conversations about gold-karat coffee and diamond studded desserts, Inn the Park is a wonderful change from the city’s glitz and glamor. Humbly tucked in the corner of a sleepy Jumeirah park, this café has “rising star” written all over it.



1. It’s eco-friendly! The café and park harness their electricity from solar energy




2. One of Dubai’s oldest icons is now neighbors with one of Dubai’s newest icons




3. Its breakfast game is on freakin’ point. Charge up on vitamin D while tucking into anything from a refreshing acai bowl to a plate of Turkish eggs with tangy creamed eggplant




4. Sayonara, bricks and mortar! You won’t be missed. The walls at Inn the Park have been built from a vast collection of gorgeous corals gleaned from the bottom of the Arabian sea




5. There are two oldies but goldies at Inn the Park – the big blue water tower and one of the nation’s oldest trees. This bad boy is older than the UAE itself. If only it could speak like Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas, think of all the historic tales it could tell…




6. It’s not just a café! It’s also got a reading room curated by The Archive. Its shelves are stacked with books about Middle Eastern history and literature – right from Khalil Gibran to Nazim Hikmet




7. You can explore your Middle Eastern heritage with a dusty old book and a hot kettle of tea




8. The café is dotted with sneaky little bursts of green. Perfect for Instagram treasure hunts and gathering material for a garden vision board. Above all else, it’s a relief from the concrete jungle!




WE SAID THIS: Inn the Park can be found in Al Khazan Solar Park – on Al Safa Street sandwiched between Jumeirah and Al Satwa. It’s right across the street from City Walk.


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