The 8 People We All Met This Halloween In Egypt

Halloween is becoming a larger part of Egyptian nightlife with each passing year and why shouldn’t it be? It’s the only time of year where begging for candy on the streets while dressed as a cat is socially acceptable. But with all of this freedom comes some strange sights. Here are a few people we all saw this past Halloween weekend.



The Professional



This person showed up with a super detailed and perfectly tailored costume that they spent the past 364 days working on. They’re probably working on next year’s costume as you read this. They don’t mess around. Halloween is sacred to them.



The Mestabye3



Contrary to the professional, this person put their costume together seconds before leaving the house. They could be found wearing all black and explaining how they were a spy/shadow/goth/rock star, etc.



The “Sexy” Costumer



This person was probably portraying a regular character but they managed to do so using the least amount of fabric possible. If that’s what makes them feel comfortable though, then by all means they should rock it. Why be a nurse when you can be a sexy nurse?



The Annoyed Parent



This person could be found following a group of kids around while they trick or treated or attended some sort of Halloween-themed event. They could be spotted by the dark circles under their eyes and a look that read, “I would rather be anywhere else right now. Literally anywhere.”



The Shela Costume



This whole shela coordinated their costumes so that they all matched the same theme, movie or TV show. They could also be found posting Instagram pictures the next day with the caption #SquadGoals.



The Drunk



This person showed up to a Halloween party and had one too many drinks. Depending on the personality of this person, they could either be found near the bar discussing the wonders of Amr Diab or starting a fight somewhere.



The Sarcastic One



This person was probably forced into going to some sort of Halloween event by their friends. They then proceeded to voice their disapproval by making their costume as sarcastic as possible.



The Underage Party-Goers



Groups of teenagers who saw Halloween as an opportunity to go clubbing or partying. They couldn’t care less what the minimum age was for a party; they were there, anyway. They could typically be found doing everything they could to make themselves seem older.



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