The Curious Case Of Amr Diab

Every time “El Hadaba” comes out with a new album, you see Internet flooded with only two things. Either photos showing Amr Diab doing his famous crossed-hands-on-chest gesture through the years, or photos showing how Amr Diab only gets younger each year.

We investigated and took his album cover arts as our reference and we are here to confirm the rumors. The man IS getting younger. How he does it we may never know, but the following photos definitely prove our statement.



Let’s begin with 1986 Amr Diab. We cant believe he beat Jerry Seinfeld to that haircut! #arabsdoitfirst





Three years later and he’s already looking younger! P.S: 1989 was also the year he started sitting on stuff while posing for his cover art.




 And then in 1993 he did it again!




Oh that cow lick! Oh, so wrong… (1996)




THEN HE DOES IT AGAIN! Three years later and he DOES look younger.




Okay how ON EARTH can a person go from looking like THIS… (2003)




TO THIS?!! (2007)





And in 2011 he started sitting on stuff again…




And finally, we only have one thing to say: We need whatever skincare products “El Hadaba” is using in our lives!




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