8 Most Common Dreams And What They Mean

You have been having the same dream over and over again and every person you tell claims to know what it means because, let’s face it, “fati el masreyeen” isn’t a joke, it’s serious. You wake up with sweaty palms, a fast heartbeat and to the sound of annoying Egyptians using their car horns like they’ve been possessed. All while “Om Fat7i” is cleaning loudly (it wouldn’t be considered cleaning unless she’s making abrupt noise).

Here are the most common dreams and their most common interpretations:



1. Running away from a scary figure


You were chased in your dream by some irrational object or an actual person in your life. Running away from something scaring you in a dream means you are facing a real life situation or threatened by the person chasing you. It implies you are running away from a situation instead of facing it. This could be because you’re facing immense stress.



2. Falling



Research proves the average person will dream about falling to his death more than five times in their life. Falling before hitting the ground can last minutes in your dream and it means you are losing control in your life or things are going downhill. If you lost balance and fell on your own, then the problem is within you.



3. Cutting your hair



Cutting your hair in your dreams usually means changing your self image or attitudes. It means you are changing the way you view yourself, be it physically, mentally or sexually.



4. Dying



Dying in your dream means the start of something new by shutting down something old in your life. As they say, for every ending, there’s a beginning.



5. Falling teeth



I remember a week ago I had a dream that I had no teeth at all. Falling teeth in a dream means something in your real life is happening that is very traumatic, resulting in a loss of confidence.



6. Showing up late or missing an important event in your life



It could be because you’re not prepared for that event, whether it’s a final or an interview. It also could be that you’re overly excited or nervous about it and you’re so worried that you dream about missing it or showing up late.



7. Meeting a celebrity



Meeting a celebrity you adore in real life shows what talents you value in your life and reveals your own need for recognition.



8. A cheating partner



WARNING! You should NOT interpret this dream as a sign that your partner is actually cheating. Most likely, you have trust issues in your relationship that have triggered that dream. You could also be having this dream because lately, your partner has been giving you less attention and more attention to something that does not involve you.



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