8 Things to Do for a Good Night’s Sleep

After a long day of work (or partying), all you can think about is jumping into your pajamas and sleeping. However, it’s still the evening, so time allows you to run some errands, do things around the house, or even go out with some friends.

Then you get home, even more exhausted than you were, and just jump into bed – only to stare at the wall for hours as your mind begins to wander. You begin to remember all the things you forgot to do, things you’re supposed to do, your next meeting, phone calls to return, etc.

The next morning, all you can think about is how terribly you slept last night, and you can’t wait until the next time you can sleep again. But the cycle just goes on for days until you finally crash.

It’s a sad but vivid story, correct? I don’t know why, but once the lights go out, your mind seems to awaken and keep you up. Here are a few things you can do before bed to relax your brain and have a good night’s sleep.


1. Work out

Choose whatever workout you like, be it yoga, running, etc… Go for a quick workout in the late evening, clear your head and relax your muscles. The best sleep is the one after a workout.


2. Read a book

There is nothing better than escaping into a good book before you sleep. You will get sucked into the story you are reading, and forget all about your worries and reality.


3. Watching something light

I don’t mean to watch a movie or a dramatic 40 minute episode of Homeland. Go for something light, like Friends or How I Met Your Your Mother – short 20 minute episodes that are bound to make you laugh and relax.


4. Write

Instead of being overwhelmed with all your responsibilities that are roaming around in your head, write them down. As you organize your priorities in a list and schedule them, you will feel relaxed and worry less and it will be easier to sleep.


5. Preparation

Worried about that early appointment you have tomorrow? Plan your outfit and have your bag ready and set for the next day. It may seem trivial, but it’s one less thing to worry about and you will be faster in the morning.


6. Listen to music

There’s nothing better than sitting in bed with your headphones on, listening to your favorite songs. Try not to go for something upbeat so as not to pump you up.


7. Drink something warm

This goes without saying, but do not drink anything with caffeine before you sleep. Instead, go for some mint or chamomile, they help you relax.


8. Late night bubble bath

Soak away in a warm bath with your favorite oils and pamper yourself. You will come out feeling fresh, soft and smelling amazing. It’s a wonderful way to turn in.


WE SAID THIS: Sweet dreams!