Resolutions Solutions


It’s time to look back on a passing year, look forward to another, find out what has been done and plan for what’s ahead. Losing weight and getting in shape are by far the most common New Year’s resolutions and they are arguably the most recurring on everyone’s list every year. So why is that?

The main problem with being short on reaching your target weight or fitness level is being unrealistic when it comes to your goal setting. When you set a goal and don’t get the results as fast as you expected, you lose motivation and quit. The secret is keeping it simple.

If you have never exercised before, do not set your goal to getting a beach body by June. Instead, set a short term goal to incorporate exercising in your daily routine in the first place. Set a medium term goal to learn the exercises thoroughly to get results and avoid injury and a long term goal to complete at least a three month workout routine by the end of the year, for example.


If you want to eat healthy to lose those few extra kilos, don’t go on a hunger strike. Take it easy. Start simple by incorporating more raw vegetables and fruits in your diet to up your level of fiber intake to curb cravings. Little by little, let go of sodas and replace them with fresh juices. Start lowering your carb portions in favor of proteins and healthy fats. You can’t do this all at once. Step by step, you can over time. It’s called a YEAR resolution after all.

By dividing your main goal to simpler, short, medium and long term ones, you can easily achieve them, see results, stay motivated and finally reach your main goal.

And the best way to divide the goal into simpler ones is by setting daily tasks so you do not lose momentum. Learning new habits is done by following such a habit for nine consecutive days. So your goal should be a small task incorporated into your daily routine.

Write your main goal down, divide it into long, medium and short term ones, set your daily tasks – keeping it real according to your lifestyle, habits and vision. Did I mention write them down?

And never forget to write down your award system as much as you write down the goals. The new swim suit or the blood cholesterol level or the marathon. Whatever you choose.

By writing down your goals, visualizing them, sharing them with family members and friends, hanging them on your wall or vision board or pinning them on you home screen as a constant reminder so you never get side tracked, be sure that this year you’ll achieve your goal.

Just remember, planning is the key.


WE SAID THIS: Happy healthy New Year, everybody!