The Rules of Flirtationship



Have you ever heard the word flirtationship? Well, we didn’t make it up, it does actually exist. So what’s a flirtationship? It’s a close friend of yours, who you’re somehow attracted to, can tell them anything without being embarrassed and can easily enjoy flirting with without it being awkward. Does that person exist in your life? Think about it!


What are the rules of flirtationship?

Well, they are only a few, you have to obviously not be in a relationship or you just came out of one.

So why is having a flirtationship important?

1. You can easily exercise your flirting skills with that person without it being awkward.

2. You get to do tons of fun things such as going to the movies or to a fancy restaurant without being in a relationship.

3. It’s nothing sexual, it’s just a person you enjoy being around and can be yourself around.

4. You don’t feel lonely!

5. He’s the person who’ll cheer you up when you’re down or ask about your day or an important meeting or exam you’ve done. He cares!


What not to do with a flirtationship and who not to have as a flirtationship with?

1. A big no would be someone who’s in a relationship. Stay away from that!

2. Someone you’ve recently met and you’re attracted to. It never works with someone you just met, it needs to be someone who has been in your life for a while.

3. If you’ve been out of a heartbreaking relationship don’t go looking for a flirtationship right away as he’ll end up being your rebound and you or him will end up being hurt.


WE SAID THIS: Now that we’ve given you all of those details, it’s time for you to take a look around you, who would you identify as your flirtationship?