8 Crazy but True Facts to Know About Dubai Before Visiting

Dubai is a popular tourist destination and it is known for its luxury hotels, arch and architecture, artificial islands, amusement complex, cuisines, and of course luxury shopping brands. If you’re planning to visit Dubai, here are eight exciting facts for you to make your adventure more interesting. 

1. It houses the world’s tallest building

Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. Dubai is known for its tallest building that has a height of 828 meters. One might have a hard time visualizing it, but Burj Khalifa is three Eiffel Towers placed on top of each other. The glass facade of the building alone takes 36 workers to clean over three months. 

2. It has the largest mall in the world

The Dubai mall is the largest mall which is spread across an area of 12 million square meters. The mall houses 1,200 stores which also include luxury brands. At the top of it, the mall flaunts 26 cinema screens and more than 120 restaurants and cafes. This mall houses the Dubai Aquarium Tank, which is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, flaunts a wide variety of Sand Tiger Sharks, and is home to 33,000 aquatic animals. 

3. The police cars of Dubai are super fancy 

The police of Dubai are lucky in terms of their cars. The cars of the Dubai police are no ordinary cars, but rather, super fancy cars like Mercedes, Bugatti, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. The fastest car available in the police force of Dubai is the Veyron which can go up to 407 kilometers an hour.

4. Dubai rewards its citizen with gold for losing weight

The super-rich government of Dubai rewards people for losing weight. For losing two kilograms, the Dubai government rewards the citizen with two grams of gold. A family with children under the age of 14 years receive double the amount, with two grams of gold for every kilogram lost. 

5. Indoor skiing

In Dubai, one does not need real ice or an outdoor environment to enjoy skiing. The Emirates Mall in Dubai has indoor skiing which allows the tourists to ski their heart out without moving outdoors. 

6. The bus shelters of Dubai are air-conditioned 

The bus, which is considered as a transport for low-income citizens, are not treated as such in Dubai. The high temperatures of Dubai, which can soar up to 50-55 degrees celsius, has made the Dubai government design air-conditioned shelters. 

7. One does not need to pay income tax in Dubai

Working and staying in Dubai allows one to save more money than one earns through Bhutan State Lottery. The reason being that you don’t have to pay income tax for the money that is made in Dubai. As a result of this, many people prefer to stay in Dubai to save a lot of money in a quicker span of time. The Dubai government does not require its citizens to pay tax, but the same is levied from corporate companies and foreign banks. In India, winning the Lottery Sambad prize is taxed at a 30% rate which has also caused many debates and worries among the state governments.

7. Dubai has the world’s first 7-star hotel 

Burj Al Arab Dubai is the world’s first 7-star hotel. The hotel itself is a masterpiece of art that resembles the sail of a ship, and is the fifth tallest building in the world. The hotel stands tall on an artificial island and even features a helipad. 

8. It has the largest man-made island

The Palm Jumeirah Island of Dubai is the world’s largest man-made island. This artificial island was crafted in 2007. The island alone has resulted in the increase of country’s shoreline by 520 kilometers. Palm Jumeirah is a world of its own with resorts, hotels, residential apartments, and amusement parks. 

Other exciting facts about Dubai include that it provides free services to Emiratis, has many gold cars, and these cars are often flaunted by its inhabitants who enjoy lavish lifestyles. Dubai is also known as the crane capital because 20-25 % of the world’s crane workers work there, which might be required to have ultra-tall buildings. Also, Dubailand, an amusement park, is twice the size of Disneyland.

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