The Best Way to Boost Instagram Content Using the Hashtag Maker Tool

Instagram is one of the few social networks that rely on hashtags in its navigation and sorting of content. The use of hashtags can increase the coverage of published material by more than 60%.

The promotion of an Instagram account consists of many details. One of them is the use of hashtags.

Hashtags are a great tool for getting into the field of view of your potential customers and increasing the coverage of publications.

However, few people know that you need to be able to choose and use hashtags correctly. After all, in addition to the standard rules of placement and use, there is an automatic free hashtag generator tool that will help you find the necessary tags for a specific profile.

Let’s talk about hashtag usage in detail.

Why are hashtags important for Instagram promotion?

Hashtags lead the audience and allow you to maximize coverage without investing money. Of course, your main audience is your followers, but they don’t always see your posts because the Instagram feed is not chronological.

One of the ways to attract a new audience is to be in the feed of people who have not followed you but who track the hashtags you use. Such hashtags are related to interests, so this is a perfect way to showcase your content to your TA.

If we look at the role of hashtags in the classic sales funnel, we will see that this is just the top-level — attracting attention to your account.

1. Attention

2. Interest

3. Desire

4. Action

With the help of hashtags, you maximize the display radius of your account. In addition, for further movement along the funnel, other components of your work on Instagram content are also important.

If you have received a follower, his movement through the funnel depends on how well you communicate with him through the content. 

Therefore, don’t forget the importance of working on the published content and interacting with the audience.

How do you find the relevant hashtags?

It is worth remembering that “popular” hashtags are not always the best solution for your publications. The fact is that the most popular hashtags receive tens or even hundreds of thousands of new posts every day. So the probability that your content will get into the recommendations is not great.

Therefore, you can use medium or hard frequency hashtags, so the probability of getting into the recommendations will be higher.

Or, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1. Explore your niche

First, try to think about how your audience can search for you. Then, think about the keywords that your audience can use when they visit Instagram.

After collecting hashtags, write them down in an Excel (or something like that) and check their popularity using Instagram.

Step 2: Study your competitors

By studying the hashtags that your competitors use, you can get a lot of helpful information. To do this, learn the material published by your competitors and see what hashtags they use.

Also, write these hashtags in an Excel, and then check their popularity using Instagram.

Step 3. Experiment with hashtags

So, after you have formed a list of hashtags, it is advisable to conduct several experiments. First, try different sets of hashtags for various posts and see how this affects the reach of your content.

Or use an easier method.

How do you find relevant hashtags using the hashtag maker tool?

If the selection and search of hashtags on your own is boring for you and takes a lot of time, it is better to use the hashtag maker tool.

Everyone interested in Instagram promotion has heard about automatic tools that help work on Instagram content at least once, including all stages of promotion.

So, for such an essential component as selecting and searching hashtags, a unique tool saves time, resources, and effort when working with tags.

There are dozens of such tools on the Internet (Bigbangram, Instafollowers, Hashtagstack, etc.) The only thing they differ in is their functionality — somewhere, they are broader and more modest.

However, the primary function of hashtag selection is performed brilliantly by each of the online services.

The scheme of work is usually the same:

1. Open the website and add a keyword for the post.

2. Click on generate hashtags.

3. Select and copy the tags you like from the groups presented by the service.

By the way, some services also provide analysis of selected hashtags. This data predicts the success of a particular hashtag.

Remember that you do a lot for your account when using hashtags, so use them to the fullest!

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